SUBTERRANEA is a music from under the ground: haunting, possessing, earthly, with the sound that has a body and a voice of its own.
Darkness and primordial, underground caves, lakes and stone-laden paths is where SUBTERRANEA finds its roots. Cold, wet reverberated vocals, damp and throbbing drum beats, reflective, aerial and hollow synths and distorted, earthly bass lay the foundation of the sound that you hear in your strangest dreams.

Conceived, shaped and sang to life by classically-trained operatic singer Alia Synesthesia, SUBTERRANEA is vengeful abandoned child of second-wave black metal, progressive folk doom (Opeth, Storm Corrosion), and Tribal Dark Ambient (Sipheroth) combined with operatic metal (Tarja Turunen). Finding solace in an emerging electronic genre Dungeon Synth,  SUBTERRANEA is a an outsider, a soul-eater, a nightmare, and a restless spirit.  

SUBTERRANEA finds its inspiration in world folklore, mythology, chthonic spaces, the visions of the end of the world and decline of humanity. The music of SUBTERRANEAcould serve as a soundscape to the silent splendor of abandoned castles, deserted temples, and decaying bones. 

SUBTERRANEA’S first full-length record KINGDOMS FALL is to be released through Electric Bat Records on September 21, 2017. 

Alia Synesthesia – all instruments, vocal, mixing & composition